Menschen Helfen e.V. – Kierspe

The association presents itself

The association was founded in 1992 to help people in need in the Balkan wars. Sick people, wounded people, children who no longer had parents were supported financially and with donated goods. For this purpose members also visitis locally.
With the changed political conditions and the relative reassurance of the situation, this task was no longer pursued. The work of the association rested for some time, especially as the first chairman, Mrs. Gaby Cordt, was ill for a long time and died in October 2014.
At the end of 2014, when the number of refugees was increasing and it became clear that direct help was needed, some of the members decided to re-activate the association in order to financially support this important task in Kierspe with the help of the association.
On 16 December 2014, the annual general meeting took place. A new board was elected. The statutes were changed to the effect that the seat of the association was moved from Meinerzhagen to Kierspe. The objectives are set out in the statute:


The association bears the name “Menschen helfen e.V.” and is based in Kierspe.
It pursues exclusively and directly charitable and benevolent purposes within the meaning of the section
“Tax-privileged purposes” of the Tax Code.
It is selflessly active. Purpose of the association is the concrete and direct help for needy people.

Vorstand des Vereins:

Fritz Schmid, 1.Vorsitzender
Gundula Schneider, 2. Vorsitzende
n.N., Kassierer
Karin Schmid-Essing. Schriftführerin
n.N., Kassenprüfer

How is the club financed?

Through the “round table” and through work to improve the living conditions of the refugees, who personally supported many people in our town this help became visible in the public and many people also wanted to contribute with money to the success. As a result, donations quickly came to the association’s account and many new members joined the club.

What does the association finance?

Many people work in the refugee working group look after refugees, give German language courses, help with visits to the authorities, better equip the apartments on Herlinghauser Weg and refurbish apartments. As more and more refugees come it is necessary that the city of Kierspe leases new apartments. For the following tasks donated funds are used to the association, e.g. for:

  • basic equipment for apartments
  • colors and other material for painting
  • shelves and fixings, curtains + drapery rails, floor mats, wardrobes, cleaning products, buckets, brooms, kitchen and cleaning cloths e.g.
  • purchase of necessary furniture / appliances that have not been donated
    books and other material for German lessons
  • travel costs for courses
  • attorneys’ fees aid
  • support with VHS language courses and integration courses
  • membership fees for refugees who are active in a club
  • liability insurance for members of the association etc.

By the basic equipment of the apartments, which are financed by the city of Kierspe, by generous donations, by the extraordinary honorary efforts of the helpers and by the financial support of the association, which in turn draws its funds from donations, it succeeds in our city a good living situation for the refugees.

The work of “Hand in Hand” and “Menschen Helfen” is well coordinated. So, for example, to donate furniture to the refugee working group, who in turn is supported in his work by Menschen Helfen, while all clothing donations are accepted and distributed by Hand in Hand. In addition, Hand in Hand finances and organizes food spending every last wednesday of the month.

Our work costs money. We appreciate any donation you support our work with.

Our donation account:
Menschen Helfen e.V.
IBAN: DE55 4585 1665 0000 0499 73
Bank: Sparkasse Kierspe-Meinerzhagen

Of course you will receive a donation receipt.